Monday, December 21, 2009

Thanks Yiaya and Grandpa!

Xmas came a little early this year when Yiaya and Grandpa stopped by for dinner last night. Yiaya couldn't wait so we opened Sophia's gifts after dinner.

Sophia and her mama

Some of you have asked for pics of me and Sophia. I tend to be the picture taker and they all end up being of Ted and Sophia. So here you go!

Sophie the giraffe

Grandpa King sent Sophia this really hip teething giraffe. He read about it in the newspaper and wanted Truman and Sophia to have one. It is called Sophie the giraffe and is all organic so it is very safe to chew on. We just pulled it out this week and she LOVES it! Leave it to my dad to know the perfect toy. ;) So Hollywood! (apparently all the stars have them)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

4.5 months, 27 inches, 16.5 pounds

Sophia had a well check this week and it is confirmed: she is a giant!! She is measuring the average height of a 10 month old...too funny! No wonder she is already moved into 9 month clothing.

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