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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Diaries of Potty Training

Day 1 = 15 stickers and at least 10 mistakes. Luckily number 2 made it to the potty both times today but lots of pee pee didn't. Thank goodness I have wood and tile floors.

Day 2, 3pm = 1 mistake so far...all other in the potty!!! more stickers and have resorted to fruit snack rewards...i guess i can make an exception ;)

7:30 pm = Sophia is in the bath and only had one mistake all day. She was excited about her Dora underpants. And she told me 3 times today that she had to go all by herself.

I can only hope for a day like today tomorrow and thank goodness today was not a day like yesterday.

Day 3, 12pm = no mistakes. Sophia is telling me when she needs to go potty. We left the house to go for a walk for 30 minutes and it was a success! so far so good. so crazy to put pants on her without her diaper sticking out.

8 pm = no mistakes all day. what a day! we made it again for another 30 minute walk. yeah sophia!

Day 4 = 3pm... so far so good. We went out to Target for 1 hour and made it home dry. I'm hoping to get her to try a public restroom tomorrow.

Day 5 = made it home dry from a 2 hour trip to the mall...but we did have a mistake later. sophia was very upset :( only one today so that is good. ted and i are going out for the night...a much needed vacation from pee pee and poo poo...whoa

Day 6
= great day today with no mistakes so far...moved the potty to the actual bathroom.....i actually think she likes running down the hallway to the bathroom even more than the reward. the sticker chart is over and planning on stopping rewards tomorrow.

This is the last entry for my diaries of potty training. wish me lots of luck and dryness. :)

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Jo Jo

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Here are a few pics from my brother. I need to transfer some from my camera to the computer. More soon.