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Visiting Amanda in Vancouver Canada

Sophia and I made it back in two pieces from Vancouver Canada yesterday. Sophia amazed me with her amazing ability to adapt. She was a superstar on the plane rides. Laughed and played with the people sitting next to us, ate, and took her naps right along her normal routine. No crying or fits.

When we got to Vancouver, Amanda picked us up at the airport with her new baby boy (3 weeks old) and we loaded our kids in the back seat and headed for her house. It was crazy to think how far we had come and now we each had a little one strapped into a car seat in the back seat. It was awesome.

We spent 5 days in Canada with Amanda, Drew, and little Eric. They are of course getting used to being new parents and Eric is getting used to being out in the world. They are a very lucky family and Eric is adorable. All in all, he is doing great, eating, sleeping, pooping, peeing and of course a little crying but nothing the yoga ball can't take care of.

Sophia and I went on many walks to the different parks in the neighborhood. We stayed in an apartment that had 2 cats and Sophia learned to meow and chase after them. We also went to the beach one day and believe it or not it was Sophia's first day at the beach. She was unimpressed with the sand but enjoyed the birds, people, boats and waves. It was a gorgeous day and I was able to see the beauty that so many people have told me about BC. She was incredible with her naps right on schedule and slept through the night every night in a strange room that was very bright and definitely had no signs her very girly room at home. I now know that Ted and I could go on vacation and enjoy it. :)

I have never spent 5 days alone with Sophia. She is a pleasure to wake up to every morning and we had some really great time bonding. I am blessed to have her and she is growing into such a fun little girl. BUT I also realized how lucky I am to have Ted in my life. I missed having my little family together and definitely missed having him to rely on. Sometimes, it takes a little time apart to realize just how good you have it. :)

I will post pictures soon. What a trip!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Swinging the summer away

Grocery shopping

My little jewel

Spoiled by Nana

Auntie Meghan visits

Thanks for sharing Sophia's birthday with us Meg! Of course I wish you lived closer but we will take a visit anytime!

Sophia and her BFF Ava

Sophia's Bday Party

It couldn't have been more perfect. Thanks to everyone who made it extra special. :)