Monday, April 20, 2009

My Little Nephew Truman

I went to LA this weekend to see my nephew Truman. What a little bundle of joy!! He is truly the cutest little guy ever. So sweet. He was on his best behavior for me and totally won me over with the first sight of him. He smiles and moves his arms and legs to exercise. He seems so happy. Rob and Noel are great parents. They seem so natural and make it look so easy. I mean, not that easy. Noel is pretty much feeding him around the clock and if he's not feeding, he could be yaking or pooping or needing his eyes wiped. It's pretty much constant care. But he is so cute, you can't help but give him everything he needs. I, of course, spoiled him. I did all the things I wasn't going to do. I put him in my bed to sleep with him, I held him as much as I could. I even held him so much at Dad's house that his grandpa didn't get to hold him. I was just so in love with him. I miss him already!!!

He is such a Laker fan he was dreaming about the game!
I couldn't put him down!

He loves showing off some skin!

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  1. I love my Aunt Teah! Can't wait to meet my cousin!